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Felt Easter eggs yourself

Felt Easter eggs yourself

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video course

Don't forget to choose the colors!

In this course I teach you in simple steps to make original gafelte Easter eggs yourself.

I share with you my tips and tricks that I have been able to learn over the years and discover for myself.

This is what you learn:

- basic principles of felting;

- pricked felts around the styrofoam base;

- wet felting to get beautiful mixed effects with colored wool and silk fibers;

- make small felt eggs and balls with wet felting technique.

Material package contains:

- 55 grams of merino wool in 10 different colors (choice of pastel and bright);

- silk fibers and other "special effects";

- 10 styrofoam eggs, 6 cm high;

- felting needle ( do you want prick felting - order and a multi skewer !)

- bubble wrap;

- tulle fabric;

- natural soap.

You can make plain and mixed eggs . And nice mini eggs and / or "wollen confetti" balls to hang in between.

You will receive a felting needle in the package. If you also want to use pricking felt, I advise you to also order a multi-needle pricker . This allows you to work much more efficiently than with a needle. And you can continue to use it for a long time, also for other projects.

What you still need:

- If you want to needle felt: multi needle sticker ;

- laptop/ phone/ ipad or other screen to view the course;

- hot water and running water (for rinsing);

- needle and thread;

- pair of scissors;

- some patience and good sense :).



Merino wool, silk fibers, needle, soap, bubble wrap, tulle fabric.

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