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Felted Easter eggs, mixed, set of 10

Felted Easter eggs, mixed, set of 10

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Felted Easter eggs, mixed

Unique decoration ( set of 10 eggs) for your Easter branches. These mottled felted Easter eggs are a one-of-a-kind work of art. Due to the wet felting technique, the colors are mixed differently each time. In addition to the soft merino wick wool, I also use carded wool from mountain sheep and some silk fibers for a shiny accent in between.

For all my felted products (and make packages myself) I use animal-friendly wool produced according to organic standards. Almost all wool is also produced in Europe (fine, local).

  • You can choose between soft mixed pastel shades and beautiful bright colors (of course also with softer nuances in between).
  • Each egg has a simple pendant with which it can be placed directly in your Easter branches.
  • The eggs are about 6x4 cm, the size of a not too small chicken egg.
  • Very nice to combine with woolen 'confetti' balls that you can hang between the eggs.
  • The colors and 'patterns' may differ from the example photos. The photos are intended as an impression.
  • Do you have specific (color) wishes - for example a set in yellow-pink-orange-purple tones, please let us know at checkout or afterwards via email: . I enjoy making something completely unique for you that suits you well.
  • To enjoy them for many years, it is smart to store your felted Easter decorations in an airtight bag or box, possibly with a (natural) anti-moth agent.

Dimensions: 6x4cm


wool and silk fibers, styrofoam base shape, cotton thread

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