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Kabata. Tactile Treasures

Acorn garland, pastel

Acorn garland, pastel

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This is a Kabata 'classic' that you can enjoy for many years. It looks so nice in your home not only in autumn but all year round. So nice to bring the forest inside!

The garland decorates your home in various places; at your door or window, above the chest of drawers, at a coat rack, cot, in your camper and in so many other cozy places!

  • Dyed wool, hemp rope, acorn hats, glue
  • The colors may differ from the examples in the photos. If you have specific wishes, let me know!
  • These garlands are made with real acorn caps, so take into account possible differences (in size) of 2 garlands. They are never exactly the same. And that's what's so fun.
  • To enjoy it for many years, it is smart to store your garland in an airtight bag or box, possibly with a (natural) anti-moth agent. If you have your house decorated all year round, check it once in a while.

Dimensions: 90cm / 180cm


dyed wool, acorn caps, hemp rope, glue, cardboard packaging

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