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beeswax birthday candle

beeswax birthday candle

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This wonderfully scented number candle made of pure beeswax completes your birthday cake.

You can stick it directly into your cake. If your cake has a very soft top layer, you can stick two wooden toothpicks in the candle and use it to stick the candle in your cake.

Is your party over? Don't throw away your candle leftovers! Beeswax is a very beautiful natural product that you can do a lot with. On the back of the packaging you will find a number of suggestions on what you can do with it (such as making your own lip balm, putting beeswax candles in walnut shells and more).

Numbers from 0 to 9 are available.

It is possible that the candle gets a slightly 'frozen' layer after a while. You can easily remove it with your finger or a soft cloth. If you put it in a warm place, it will also disappear.

Dimensions: 4x8cm


Beeswax, cotton wick

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