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Beeswax candle rolls DIY set

Beeswax candle rolls DIY set

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With this set you have everything at hand to (your child(ren)) get started with making your own beeswax candles.

  • The set contains: 7 beeswax candle sheets, wick in 2 sizes (for candles of different thicknesses) and detailed instructions.
  • The description explains different ways to make the candles and provides information about the benefits of using beeswax for your candles.
  • Super fun for big and small! Children really like rolling candles! It is also an excellent exercise for motor development.
  • You can give the set as a gift, but you can also make a lot of gifts yourself with this set for all the lovely people around you.
  • With this diy beeswax set you can make thicker candles, but also small candles for example on the birthday cake (photo!)!
  • There are many possibilities with this DIY candle roll set. For example, with cookie cutters you can make hearts and stars and make candles in these shapes or hang them in the Christmas tree. Unleash your creativity!
  • You can also decorate the self-rolled candles with colored beeswax (not included in the set).



    beeswax, cotton wick, cardboard packaging

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