natuur mandala's maken met kinderen

Making nature mandalas

Now that the sun is shining more often and nature is waking up, I feel like being creative outside again. Making mandalas is an easy and accessible way to get started there. And also a nice 'extra goal' for that forest walk (with children).

Have you never made them? Don't know where to start?

Choose one of these shapes:

- circle;

- rainbow;

- heart;

- sight

  • Find a number of the same leaves, pine cones, tree bark, twigs, etc. of each material. Then you can create really beautiful surfaces with it. Think rhythm;
  • Use different colors that complement each other and also create contrast. But you can only use one color. 50 shades of green, why not;
  • You don't have to go somewhere special, you can also find beautiful leaves, berries and twigs in the city or in your backyard (if you have one). You can also always draw something in the sand;
  • You can also bring in nature's treasures and make it a kinstwork;
  • Children always love to write their own name with twigs.
nature mandala

Do you often take the time to play? Just alone or with your children... Want to do something that has no other use than the pleasure of doing it?

Do you have favorite materials to work with or a place where you prefer to make your nature art works?

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